Third Battle of Wake Island
Part of Pacific War
Date September 4-7, 1945
Location Wake Island
Result US victory
Flag of USA United States Flag of Japan Japan
Commanders and leaders
unknown Shigematsu Sakaibara
1,700 troops unknown amount of US Marines
Casualties and losses
none 1,700 surrendered
The Third Battle of Wake Island occured in September 1945 when a detachment of US Marines forced the surrender of the Japanese garrison, without much resistance.

Battle Edit

Wake Island had been bombed intermittently from 1941 till now, including the 1943 Wake Raid. With the war coming to a close, the Americans attacked the island, which still contained sizeable defenses. The Japanese garrison surrendered on September 4, after little to no resistance, while Admiral Shigematsu Sakaibara formally surrendered on September 7, one of the last garrisons to fall.

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