Stefan Gorchevsky
Born January 8, 1876
Sliven, Bulgaria
Died March 1, 1941
Sofia, Bulgaria
Affiliation(s) Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria
Final Position Minister of Foreign Affairs
Key Conflicts World War II
Stefan Gorchevsky was the Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1937 to 1941, and was an anti-Fascist politician. In order to pressure Bulgaria into joining the Axis, the Germans murdered Gorchevsky.

Biography Edit

Gorchevsky was born in Sliven, the Ottoman Empire, in 1876, to Bulgarian parents. He took part in the First Balkan War, serving in the Bulgarian Army against the Turks. In 1914, he became a general in the Bulgarian Army, and in 1916, he commanded the Bulgarian 5th Army in the invasion of Serbia. Gorchevsky joined politics after the war ended, and in 1937, he became the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria. He held an anti-Fascist platform, and was key in the prevention of Bulgarian entry into the war from 1939 to 1940. In 1941, the Germans, Romanians, and Hungarians pressured the Bulgarians into joining the Axis. Gorchevsky was one of the people that the German government needed to put away in order to control Bulgaria. In Sofia, Gorchevsky was arrested and brought to an open field, where an agent of the Gestapo fired two rounds from a pistol into the back of his head, execution-style. Gorchevsky was replaced by Boris Strumislavsky as Minister of Defense.

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