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The Reich Ministry of Supply was the department of Nazi Germany's government that was responsible for supplying the Wehrmacht. From 1942 to 1945, the bulk of the war, it was led by Albert Speer. The Ministry of Supply used concentration camp workers as laborers, resulting in the imprisonment or deaths of most of the supply ministers.

History Edit

The Reich Ministry of Supply was founded in 1933 by Fritz Todt, who led it until his death in 1942, thereafter led by Albert Speer. The Ministry of Supply was responsible for supplying their frontline troops, and were in charge of manufacturing, distributing, and supplying weapons with ammuniton. The majority of the workers were from the concentration camps, but many others were old men and young women, plus some children from the Hitler Youth. The Ministry of Supply suffered because of the Bombing of Germany by the RAF and USAF, and had to rebuild their lost factories, a tedious task. The German Ministry of Supply was disbanded on May 23, 1945, fourteen days after the end of the war.

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