Morbach Counterattack
Part of Central German Front
Losheim Gap March 2
The Losheim Gap, as of March 2. The Allied counterattack on Morbach is the blue arrow, the German counteroffensive is in red.
Date March 1-2, 1945
Location Morbach, Germany
Result French strategic failure
French Roundel France Flag of Wehrmacht Germany
Commanders and leaders
Jean de Lattre de Tassigny Gerd von Rundstedt
The Morbach Counterattack was a failed offensive operation by the French Army from March 1 to 2, 1945, intended to broaden Allied supply lines so that they could focus more on the Losheim Gap to the south. The French failed to take the German-held town of Morbach, and the Germans attacked Hermeskeil from the city of Losheim, but their follow-up assault failed, leaving the battle indecisive.

Background Edit

Central German Front March 1 1945

Central German Front, March 1, 1945.

he Germans were being pushed deeper and deeper into their homeland, preparing last-ditch defenses of the towns and cities that were being liberated by the Allies. On March 1, Army Group Model was trapped in the Losheim Gap, three German-held towns that were surrounded by French and British troops. The French troops performed bravely, but with the town of Morbach lying to the north, they could not connect their supply lines to their other supply depots, so Jean de Lattre de Tassigny attacked the town in hopes of clearing up the routes. Tassigny's 1st French Army Group numbered 500,000 troops, including some Czech and Luxembourgian troops.

Battle Edit

The French, Czech, and Luxembourgian troops assaulted the German town of Morbach, held by German Fallschirmjaegers and other regular units, plus the German 33rd Regiment of Militia, a force of Volkssturm troops. The Allies were bogged down in their tracks by heavy resistance, and they suffered a high toll of losses. De Lattre de Tassigny's army group withdrew, so the German 21st Regiment of Militia attacked the French town of Hermeskeil, where the French advanced from. However, the French routed the Germans, leaving the battle inconclusive.

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