Battle of Leskovic (1943)
Part of Balkans Campaign
Date October 2, 1943
Location Leskovik, Albania
Result Albanian victory
Albanian Resistance Albanian Resistance Italian Roundel Italy
Flag of Wehrmacht Germany
Commanders and leaders
Bratoljub Seremet Federico Pagalo (POW)
Marvin Schiffer (POW)
3,000 partisans 5,000 troops
Casualties and losses
533 killed or wounded 892 killed
364 wounded
2,300 captured
The Liberation of Leskovik was an engagement between the Albanian Resistance and the Kingdom of Italy and their German allies. The resistance captured the city after brutal resistance.

Battle Edit

The Albanian resistance movement rounded up a group of thousands of partners in the southern part of the country after the fall of Italy to the Western Allies, and the resistance attacked the city. The Albanians attacked the city of Leskovik with all of their might, facing a 5,000-strong Axis garrison led by inexperienced Italian commander Federico Pagalo.

The Albanians took over the town, since the Axis troops were composed of the poorly-equipped and poorly-trained Albanian Expeditionary Brigade of the Italian Army and Albanische Expeditionkorps of the Wehrmacht. The Axis troops were routed, and many were gunned down as they retreated by the furious partisans, who proceeded to take over much of the rest of Albania.

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