Flag of Romania

Flag of Rumania

The Kingdom of Rumania was a Nazi puppet state that was established in October 1940. The Rumanians were led by dictator Ion Antonescu from October 8, and Antonescu reigned until August 23, 1944, when Constantin Sănătescu overthrew Antonescu and took over the government. From then, it became the Kingdom of Romania once more, and joined the Allies.

History Edit

In 1940, under pressure from Germany and Hungary, Romania was forced to join the Axis, another reason being the German invasion of Romania on October 8. The Romanian Minister of Defense, Ion Antonescu, was created President of Rumania, and it became a German protectorate. The Rumanians fought on the Eastern Front from 1941 onwards, and in 1944, when the Soviet Union invaded Romania, they fought the Russians until a coup on August 23 overthrew Antonescu's dictatorship. The Rumanians stopped fighting, and when the Germans bombed Bucuresti, they changed sides. Most of the Rumanian armies surrendered to the Soviets, although some fought the Germans afterwards.

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