Eberhard Katzberger
German officer
Born September 11, 1897
Graz, Austria-Hungary
Died July 19, 1944
Podgorica, Montenegro
Affiliation(s) Flag of Austria-Hungary Austria-Hungary (1914-1918)
Flag of Germany Austria (1938-1945)
Rank Commander, German 1380th Regiment
Final Position Lieutenant-Colonel
Key Conflicts World War I
World War II
Key Battles Battle of Podgorica (1944)
Eberhard Katzberger was an Austrian military officer who held the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel in the Austrian Army, commanding a force of 15,000 troops, the German 1380th Regiment. He fought on the Yugoslav Front in 1941-1944, and was killed in action in the 1944 Montenegrin Offensive around Podgorica.

 Biography Edit

Katzberger was born in Graz, in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He enlisted in the Austrian-Hungarian Army in 1914, at the age of 17. He became a Private, and fought in the Brusilov Offensive of 1916, where he was shot in the chest by a rifleman from the Russian army. He was discharged, but he rose to prominence in the 1920s when he joined the Austrian parliament. He was one of the Fascists, and was arrested in 1929 after he was connected with the revolution by the National Socialist Party. In 1938, he returned to military life after taking part in the German invasion of Austria, and in 1939, he took part in the Invasion of Czechoslovakia, and he was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel. He served in the Invasion of Yugoslavia in 1941 after brief service in the Polish campaign and the Western Front. Katzberger was placed in command of the 1380th Regiment, and took part in several offensives against Tito and his Yugoslav Partisans. By 1944, however, 6,700 German troops were killed under his command. In July 1944, he was killed when a force of Yugoslavians killed Katzberger and several other Heer soldiers in a gun battle near Podgorica in Italian Montenegro. His body was thrown into a ditch near Vizy, a town on the outskirts of the city, and was later exhumed and buried in the Budapest Military Cemetery.

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