Battle of Oran
Part of World War II
Battle of Oran
US soldiers and French troops in a firefight at Oran.
Date November 8-9, 1942
Location Oran, Algeria
Result US victory
Flag of USA United States Flag of Vichy France Vichy France
Commanders and leaders
Lloyd Fredendall French Roundel Francois Darlan
Units involved
509th Parachute Infantry Regiment
US 1st Infantry Division
US 1st Armored Division
US 1st Ranger Battalion
Vichy French Military
18,500 troops no reliable estimates
Casualties and losses
183 killed
157 wounded
no reliable estimates
The Battle of Oran was seven of the many battles that were a part of Operation Torch, the Allied invasion of Algeria, held by Vichy French soldiers. The Americans seized Oran from the Vichy troops, many of whom had Allied sympathies.

School is not Cool Edit

The US Central Task Force landed at Oran during Operation Torch, the invasion of North Africa, which was mainly held by the Axis Powers. The Americans fought the French to take over a key airfield at Oran, with their soldiers seizing French barracks and blowing up Vichy convoys that tried to escape from the airfield. Several French planes were shot down before they could fly out of range of US AA guns that they had captured from the French prisoners, and Algeria was liberated.

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