Battle of Mezőtúr
Part of World War II
Date 1945
Location Mezőtúr, Hungary
Result Soviet victory
German Roundel Germany
Flag of Hungary Hungary
Soviet Roundel Soviet Union
Commanders and leaders
German Roundel Kurt Knispel Soviet Roundel Ivan S. Konev
Units involved
503rd Heavy Tank Battalion Red Army
50 tanks unknown
Casualties and losses
no reliable estimates no reliable estimates
The Battle of Mezőtúr was a tank battle between the Red Army and the Wehrmacht in Hungary during World War II, in which panzer ace Kurt Knispel saw further action.

Battle Edit

The Red Army advanced into Hungary, facing the Wehrmacht in every town they neared. The 503rd Heavy Tank Battalion, led by Nordwin von Diest-Körber, fought against the advancing Russians near the Hungarian town of Mezőtúr, with Russian and German tanks clashing again. Famous German tank ace Kurt Knispel saw action here, but the Russians defeated the Germans and destroyed several German Tiger Tanks and Panzers.

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