Battle of Kalmthout
Part of Western Front
Belgium Front as of September 2, 1944
Date September 12, 1944
Location Kalmthout, Belgium
Result Inconclusive
Canadian Roundel Canada
French Roundel France
Dutch Roundel Netherlands
Flag of Wehrmacht Germany
Commanders and leaders
Canadian Roundel Guy Simonds Flag of Wehrmacht Gustav-Adolf von Zangen
Units involved
French 1st Army 12th Panzergrenader Division
100,000 troops (10,000 engaged) 5,000
Casualties and losses
577 killed
700 wounded
438 killed
900 wounded
The Battle of Kalmthout was a military engagement that took place on September 12, 1944 in Belgium, on the Western Front of World War II. The Germans and French clashed half-way between Kalmthout and Roosendaal, and it left both armies mauled.

Battle Edit

The French 7th Armored Division and French 1st Army invaded southern Holland, which was technically part of the Belgium Front. They secured the town of Kalmthout, and used it as a base against the Wehrmacht. On September 12, a day later, the German 12th Panzergrenadier Division marched on the town, while the French marched on Roosendaal, a German-held town. In between the two towns lay a long field, that lacked cover. When fighting broke out, the soldiers used burnt-out tanks and dead bodies as cover, or hid in the tall grass. The two sides exchanged gunfire until Gustav-Adolf von Zangen, commander of the German 15th Army, ordered the 12th Panzergrenadier Division to retreat. Both sides suffed heavy losses; the Germans lost more wounded, but the French lost more dead.

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