Battle of Daun
Part of Central German Front
Central German Front March 3 1945
Date March 3, 1945
Location Daun, Germany
Result Allied victory
French Roundel France
British Roundel Britain
Flag of Wehrmacht Germany
Commanders and leaders
George S. Patton Hermann Foertsch
The Battle of Daun was a military engagement that took place on March 3, 1945, on the Western Front of World War II. It involved a German attack on a French-held town in central Germany, which failed, giving the French a comeback after a string of defeats by the Wehrmacht in the southern parts of the corridor.

Battle Edit

The Ulmen Regiment of the German Army attacked the French-held town of Daun, hoping to put up a last-ditch defense of the Fatherland. The French soldiers were experienced from past victories and defeats, and faced nothing more than a rag-tag group of German male and female youths, and many of the Germans were killed in action during the failed attack.

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