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Army Group Southwest was a Wehrmacht army group that was notable for its defense of the Italian mainland from 1943 to 1945. It was made up of the German 10th Army and German 14th Army, and was led by Albert Kesselring, and then Heinrich von Vietinghoff.

History Edit

Army Group Southwest was founded in 1943 by Adolf Hitler when he planned out the defense of the Italian mainland, handing command over to Erwin Rommel. However, he was only commander for a short time, before Albert Kesselring took charge of the army group. The Germans fought an impressive defensive campaign, inflicting heavy losses on the Allies at the Battle of Salerno in 1943, the Battle of Anzio in 1944, and the Cassino Campaign later that year. Army Group Southwest was taken over by Heinrich von Vietinghoff in 1945 after Kesselring was sent to Western Europe, and after serious fighting in May 1945, the army group surrendered on the 2nd.

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