Alzette Valley Offensive
Part of World War II
Date December 16-25, 1944
Location Alzette Valley, Luxembourg
Result Allied victory
Flag of USA Allies Flag of Germany Germany
Commanders and leaders
Flag of USA George S. Patton German Roundel Gerd von Rundstedt
Units involved
US Third Army German 50th Division
no reliable estimates no reliable estimates
Casualties and losses
no reliable estimates no reliable estimates
The Alzette Valley Offensive was one of the engagements of the Battle of the Bulge that occured in December 1944. The Allies defeated the Axis at the Battle of Ettelbruck on December 25, and the offensive ended.

Battle Edit

German Commander in the West, Gerd von Rundstedt, ordered an offensive in Luxembourg to take over the country during the Winter Offensive of 1944-1945. The Wehrmacht troops pushed deep into the country, taking over Ettelbruck on December 16 and Luxembourg City shortly afterwards. The Axis troops halted there, as the US Third Army fought the Germans along the front line. The American 80th Infantry Division recaptured Ettelbruck after very heavy fighting, and the German offensive ended there. The Allies defeated the German 50th Infantry Division, killing most of them in the firefighting.

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