Flag of Wehrmacht

Flag of the Wehrmacht

The 91st Sturmbattalion (Storm Battalion) was a force of German Sturmtruppen that fought on the Western Front of World War II.

History Edit

The 91st Sturmbattalion were formed in 1936, made up of 300 Sturmtruppen of the Third Reich. It was mobilized when Nazi Germany sent out a drafting call in September 1939, and fought on the quieter Western Front at the Battle of Elsloo. The 91st Sturmbattalion was one of the battalions that occupied Paris in June 1940, and remained there until June 1944. It was sent to Normandy, where it took part in the defense of Calais, but was transferred before the liberation of the city and fought in Belgium and the Netherlands alongside other units. On May 6, they surrendered to Bernard Montgomery's army.

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