Flag of Hitler Youth

Hitler Youth flag

The 10th Hitlerjugend Regiment was a group of 5,500 student volunteers in Germany that was founded on April 20, 1938, as a birthday gift to Adolf Hitler from Arthur Seyss-Inquart, raised entirely out of Austrian schoolchildren. The regiment was mainly for recreational purposes until 1945, when they were sent to the Western Front to defend their homeland. 2,000 German children from ages 14 to 18 were killed in this regiment in the Colmar Pocket.

History Edit

The 10th Hitler Youth Regiment was founded on April 20, 1938, by the former Chancellor of Austria, Arthur Seyss-Inquart, as a birthday present for Adolf Hitler. They marched down the streets of Braunau-am-Inn with a Viennese waltz playing as a celebration, and they were subsequently raised in number from 3,200 children to 5,500. Many of these Austrian youths were drawn from the Vienna Children's Choir, and their marching tune was the waltz that played in 1938. They were sent to Berlin in 1939 as Hitler's personal regiment, and had some German officers. One of these was Kurt Kotler, a Lieutenant in the Wehrmacht who was raised in the north German port of Kiel. The 10th Regiment remained in Berlin as more of a night-watch brigade, but also performed regular activities such as building models and materiels for warfare, acting as military reserves (in 1943, 1,500 of them were in active service on the Eastern Front), and in 1945, they fought in the west against the British and Americans. In the Colmar Pocket, 2,000 Germans were killed in action, and the last troops, led by Colonel Heinrich Wessel, surrendered on April 18.

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